• NEEA is partnering with the Hydraulic Institute to offer a special online Pump Systems Assessment (PSA) Certificate Program. This unique eight-part module course helps you gain the in-depth expertise you need to manage and conduct pumping systems audits successfully, at a time and pace that works for you. 


  • Industrial training is critical to building and sustaining market knowledge and capability in the Northwest. Through training, your customers understand the value of energy management and optimizing industrial system performance.

    As a result, they’re better able to understand the business case for energy efficiency and better able to maximize the impact of utility and ee organization programs. 


  • Conduit ( is a web-based resource that facilitates information-sharing, coordination and collaboration among energy efficiency professionals in the Northwest.

    Conduit is brought to you by NEEA with additional support from BPA.


  • Northwest Strategic Energy Management (SEM) practitioners continue to lead the nation in SEM program implementation and customer engagement. View current newsletter, slides and agenda from the Fall Workshop.


  • As energy strategy increasingly becomes a C-suite concern, one of the questions most often asked by executives at industrials and utilities is what comprises best-in-class industrial energy management.

    The biggest takeaway: it’s not just about the data. Energy management has matured. If it were all about the data, then there’d be no such thing as energy waste in the production process, judging by the myriad of available options that collect and report data.

    by Jay Zoellner, Managing Director, Industrial Solutions, EnerNOC

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