A community of Northwest practitioners dedicated to
saving energy through strategic energy management

Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations are taking a collaborative approach to Strategic Energy Management. 

The NW SEM Collaborative was formed in 2011 based on the premise that the region can achieve more working together than can any single utility or organization working alone. The NW SEM Collaborative aims to help energy efficiency program administrators accelerate the adoption of SEM in the industrial and commercial sectors. 

The NW SEM Collaborative continues to grow and evolve with the following goals:

  1. The NW SEM Collaborative is a self-sustaining organization with a diversified funding base.
  2. The NW SEM Collaborative is a regional organization and engages with SEM leaders across North America to share SEM design lessons and expand the impact of SEM.
  3. The NW SEM Collaborative supports the SEM Hub as the go-to resource for SEM professionals to readily find resources, information, tools, contacts.
  4. The NW SEM Collaborative enables members to drive increased savings and resilience through wider adoption (# of participants) and deeper engagement (EMA measures).
  5. The NW SEM Collaborative engages with regional leaders responsible for the development of regional resource planning.

Registration is now open!

Registration for the 10th Annual NW SEM Collaborative Fall Workshop is now open. This year’s Getting More from SEM online conference will be held from 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. PST on October 20, 21, and 22 and promises many opportunities for you to engage with leading practitioners of SEM in the Northwest. Programming each day includes interactive breakout sessions, networking, and keynote speakers. 

Virtual doors open beginning at 8 a.m. to test the conference platform and allow you to be ready when sessions start at 8:30 a.m. 

Conference tickets are at the $60 Early Bird rate until September 20. Regular pricing is $75. 

Register here.

Working Group meetings, upcoming events and the SEM Hub.


Participating in a Working Group is an effective way to work with your peers on shared challenges in SEM program management. To get involved in a Working Group, just email us and we will add you to the list for the Working Group(s) you are interested in.

Integrating SEM – Jessica Raker, Leader

Looks at how SEM helps integrate all energy decisions, including renewables, storage, carbon impacts, building performance standards and more. Please email us to be added to the notification list.

Beyond the E – Romana Cohen and Kathleen Belkhayat, Co-leaders

Continues to identify the additional benefits (engagement, customer service, non-energy specific resource conservation) that SEM brings to energy management. Please email us to be added to the notification list.

Measurement & Verification – Tina Schnell and Sara York, Co-leaders

Continues to confront challenges, find opportunities and share insights on how to make M&V of SEM projects more effective, including alternative approaches, standardization, savings persistence and more. Please email us to be added to the notification list.

SEM Benchmarking – Kevin Wallace, Leader

Focuses on establishing a database of Energy Management Assessment data to enable analysis of SEM practice adoption trends across SEM program participants to provide program and market insights to drive program innovation and increase results. Please email us to be added to the notification list.

Northwest SEM Collaborative Overview Video

Northwest SEM Collaborative Overview

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Online Community

NW SEM Collaborative page on Conduit

NEEA and Northwest utilities are taking a collaborative approach to Strategic Energy Management (SEM). Visit the NW SEM Collaborative's Conduit community to learn more about its activities and discussions.

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Visit the Strategic Energy Management Wikipedia page for more information on SEM practices.

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