NW SEM Collaborative

The NW SEM Collaborative was founded in 2011 with the idea that the region’s utilities and energy organizations can achieve far more working together than alone. For more than a decade, the Collaborative has supported energy efficiency program administrators and accelerate the adoption of SEM in the industrial and commercial sectors.

The NW SEM Collaborative is a regional, funder-supported and volunteer-driven organization. As we continue to grow and evolve, we move forward with the following goals:

  • Support SEMHub.com as the go-to resource for SEM professionals to readily find resources, information, tools and contacts.
  • Empower members to drive increased savings and build resilience through wider adoption and deeper engagement.
  • Work with regional leaders to influence the development of regional resource planning.
  • Engage with SEM leaders across North America to share SEM design lessons and expand the impact of SEM.

2024 NW SEM Collaborative Leadership Team:

2024 Chair: Kathleen Belkhayat, Energy Trust of Oregon

Faith DeBolt, SBW Consulting

Kelsey Lewis, Snohomish PUD

Kevin Wallace, BC Hydro

Peter Therkelsen, Lawrence Berkley Laboratory

Sara York, Cascade Energy

Working Groups

Working Group participation is the beating heart of the Northwest SEM community. Working Groups welcome volunteers from all levels of experience, offering a valuable opportunity for beginners and experts alike to learn from one another and collaborate on the region’s most pressing SEM challenges, topics and trends. To get involved, simply send us an email and we will add you to any Working Group(s) you are interested in.

*NEW in 2024* SEM in Schools Kathleen Belkhayat (Energy Trust of Oregon), Wendy Gibson (Stillwater Energy)

The schools working group is focusing on how to educate future energy consumers within school funding constraints.

Meets monthly. NEXT MEETING: May, TBD

Beyond the E – Karen Brooks (Strategic Energy Group), Lana Stern (AESC), Marti Mendenhall (Strategic Energy Group)

This group convenes to identify the additional benefits (engagement, customer service, non-energy specific resource conservation) that SEM brings to energy management. Please email us to be added to the notification list. 2024 meeting cadence: Feb, April, June, Aug, Sept. NEXT MEETING: April 23, 11:00-12:00 PDT

Measurement & VerificationHolly Farah (Rouj Energy), Andee Morton (Idaho Power)

This working group continues to focus on challenges, find opportunities and share insights on how to make M&V of SEM projects more effective, including alternative approaches, standardization, savings persistence and more. Please email us to be added to the notification list. Meets quarterly. NEXT MEETING: TBD

Emissions Reduction/Decarbonization (GHG + SEM)Pam Birkel (Cascade Energy)

Discusses and develops strategies to integrate greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategies with SEM. Please email us to be added to the notification list. Meets every two weeks. NEXT MEETING: May 1, 12:00-1:00 PDT

Evolution of SEM in the NorthwestTina Schnell (Ask Energy, Inc.), Jude Kirstein (Energy 350)

Assess how SEM has evolved over the last 10-15 years by analyzing program data from across the region. Please email us to be added to the notification list. 2024 meeting cadence TBD. NEXT MEETING: TBD

Conduit Archive Library

With the sunsetting of Conduit in September 2022, SEMHub has set-up a resource library dedicated to housing materials previously stored on Conduit to make sure the SEMHub community doesn’t lose access to the numerous resources developed across several Working Groups over the years.

2023 NW SEM Collaborative Fall Workshop Recap:

The NW SEM Collaborative Fall Workshop had a record-breaking 90 attendees, and everyone’s energetic participation led to an engaging and collaborative event. Event highlights include:

  • The day kicked off with examples of how Collaborative members are innovatively taking their SEM programs to the next level.
  • This year featured a brand-new activity: An energy treasure hunt around McMenamins Kennedy School, including identifying and placing opportunities on a matrix to evaluate their impact and effort.
  • Collaborative members shared their experience and ideas to “gamify” SEM practices.
  • The NW SEM Collaborative Working Groups shared their annual updates, including fun, “leveled-up” presentation from Beyond the E.
  • The return of Open Space sessions gave attendees the chance to generate topic ideas and then breakout into smaller groups to do a deep dive into each topic.

See the full event recap, including links to presentations and resources at: https://semhub.com/news/2023-n...

Northwest SEM Collaborative Overview Video

Northwest SEM Collaborative Overview

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