What is SEM?

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) is a system of organizational practices, policies, and processes that creates persistent energy savings by integrating energy management into business practices – just like you would with quality assurance, safety, or productivity. SEM focuses on changes in daily operations that engage staff at all levels of an organization in energy efficiency activities.

Benefits of Strategic Energy Management

  • Providing a clear pathway to increased productivity, operational efficiency, profitability and competitive advantage.
  • Enabling energy-intensive businesses to significantly reduce energy consumption.
  • Helping build strong partnerships and relationships between customers and energy efficiency program providers, resulting in increased velocity of capital projects.

SEM 101 Resources

Whether you’re onboarding new staff or launching a new program, this collection of SEMHub tools and resources will help team members quickly grasp the fundamentals of SEM.

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Case studies

Learn how utilities large and small have implemented successful strategic energy management programs, with best practices you can apply to your customer’s SEM programs.

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Energy Management Assessment (EMA) Tool

The Energy Management Assessment (EMA) Tool provides a strategic and confidential analysis of an organization’s current energy management business practices. Working with your customers, you can help them discover how well they are managing energy, and they will receive a prioritized implementation plan to help develop or improve SEM practices within their organizations.

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