Strategic Energy Management and SEM Hub

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) is a self-sustaining energy management system based on the well-established principles of process management and the Plan-Do-Check-Act process of continual improvement. SEM helps businesses permanently embed long-term energy management practices into the key areas of their operations: people, manufacturing systems, measurement, and organizational structure.

SEM Hub supports utilities and SEM practitioners as the go-to source for guides, tools, videos, online courses, news and events. SEM Hub resources help you to better understand, implement, and evaluate your own SEM program. By visiting often, you’ll stay up to date with the latest trends—joining the region as we build market capability, awareness and demand for SEM.

An easily searchable resource library

Search or browse our extensive library for resources related to SEM, including guides, tools, videos and online courses. Our robust resource library includes more than 70 downloadable resources and collections, rated by users, to increase the effectiveness of your customers’ SEM programs.

NW SEM Collaborative

The NW SEM Collaborative was formed in 2011 based on the premise that the region can achieve more working together than can any single utility or organization working alone. The NW SEM Collaborative aims to help energy efficiency program administrators accelerate the adoption of SEM in the industrial and commercial sectors. 

New to Strategic Energy Management?

SEM is a system of organizational practices, policies, and processes that creates persistent energy savings by integrating energy management into business practices – just like you would with quality assurance, safety, or productivity. SEM focuses on changes in daily operations that engage staff at all levels of an organization in energy efficiency activities.

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