Collaborative Work Products

Collection Prepared by Northwest Utilities

The NW SEM Collaborative has served as a catalyst and guiding force for SEM advancement in the NW region of the US and Canada. The Collaborative convenes diverse perspectives on the developing field of Industrial and Commercial SEM, including program administrators, implementers, evaluators and researchers. The organization and its members work together to accelerate learning and develop solutions to technical, market or policy challenges.

Starting in 2013, regional SEM Working Groups provided Collaborative members a forum and opportunity to work with peers on shared challenges in SEM program management. Working Groups are all volunteer. With a focus on shared learning and creating tangible work products ranging from white papers, one-page guides and presentations, each working group blends theory and practice to consider and document emerging best practices within our professional community. These resources are compiled in this Collaborative Work Products collection. They are most relevant for program administrators, implementers, planners and evaluators.

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