RETA CRES Review Course - Tacoma

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Ends: Sep 21

CRES is a certification offered by the Refrigerating Engineers and Technician Association (RETA) for operators, supervisors, and managers of industrial refrigeration. The certification demonstrates knowledge and capability for energy-efficient industrial refrigeration system operation that also reinforces key safety and operations components. CRES certified individuals are successful in reducing energy waste while improving the safety, production, and product quality at an industrial refrigeration facility. Becoming CRES certified requires successful completion of an exam and documentation of five energy efficiency activities.

A free 2-day review course is being held in Tacoma to help prepare individuals to sit for the exam and complete energy efficiency activities. The only pre-requisite for attending the free review course is applying through RETA to schedule a date to sit for the CRES exam. Successful candidates should prepare for the full range of exam topics described in the CRES Application Handbook and also become familiar with the CRES Study Guide before sitting for the exam. Both the handbook and guide are available to download for free on RETA’s website. We are encouraging all review course participants to sit for the CRES exam following the review course on Friday, September 22nd at the Kryterion Testing center in Tacoma, WA or at another Kryterion testing center near you.

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