Compressed Air Challenge-Level 1

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Are your compressed air energy costs under control? Even the smallest compressed air system is a relatively large source of energy consumption and cost. Make your company more profitable with the Compressed Air Challenge™, a series of seminars that applies proven techniques to achieve cost-effective solutions. Optimizing your compressed air systems can lead to higher productivity, energy savings, increased product quality and greater efficiency. This training offers attendees the opportunity to use their own system data in seminar exercises, as well as mastery of compressed air system components and techniques. Attendees can apply training and implement changes immediately upon return to their work place. This course is coordinated by the NEEA Industrial Training project and is co-sponsored by United Electric Co-op, City of Albion, City of Declo, City of Heyburn, City of Idaho Falls, City of Rupert, City of Soda Springs, East End Mutual Electric Company, Fall River Rural Electric Co-op, Farmers Electric Coop, Idaho Office of Energy Resources, Lower Valley Energy, Raft River Rural Electric Co-op, Riverside Electric Company, South Side Electric, Bonneville Power Administration, Northwest Food Processors Association and Washington State University Energy Program.

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