Consortium for Energy Efficiency: Industry Partners Meeting (Virtual)

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The 2021 Industry Partners meeting presents a unique and timely opportunity for program administrators to reengage with peers and deliberate together with the key manufacturers, trade associations, distributors, and energy service providers who are critical partners in service of the challenges of today.

CEE members continue to develop Integrated Demand Side Management program strategies into the platforms of the CEE Integrated Home and CEE Automated Energy Management (AEM). At the Industry Partners Meeting, Integrated Home discussions will advance promotional strategies and adoption efforts intended to drive broad uptake of qualified products offered by leading manufacturers in North America. AEM sessions will continue specifying how programs can support and leverage HVAC equipment that communicates with other building end uses to enhance energy performance and defining program administrator criteria for Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) that can enable measurable impacts related to decarbonization, reliability, and affordability objectives. While all our sessions will relate directly to these IDSM platforms, there will be individual breakouts that delve deeper into specific measures, including HVAC, water heating, and centralized energy management.

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