SEM Collaborative Summit - Commercial Buildings

On Wednesday afternoon, August 15, during the 2018 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, the SEM Collaborative will host its second SEM Summit targeting commercial buildings from 1:00 - 5:00 pm on the Asilomar grounds in Pacific Grove, California. The gathering builds on the first industrial summit's success that was held prior to the 2017 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry.

The Summit is an opportunity to come together and share perspectives from across North America, including the regional Northwest and Northeast SEM Collaboratives, as well as from other programs across the United States and Canada. In addition to being a forum for SEM practitioners, this is an outstanding venue to orient others, including DSM department directors, program planners, program evaluators, and others. 

The SEM Summit is open to all and is free to Summer Study attendees. Anyone not attending Summer Study, but wishing to participate in this particular afternoon meeting, will be charged a $50 registration fee and must complete this registration form and submit it with payment to Lynn Pyle. Summer Study participants do not need to register.

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SEM has existed as a formal concept for almost ten years, with consistent innovations happening in regions across North America.

This summit is being held to facilitate an SEM forum at a broader level. This is the first of what may become an ongoing conversation and gathering of SEM experts.

The SEM Summit is an open, interdisciplinary workshop of experts who look to use SEM and related approaches to address problems that challenge energy-intensive commercial, industrial, agricultural, and governmental markets.

As a community of innovators, we want to encourage collaboration and dialogue across North America, working together to further new perspectives and vision from our collective real-world experiences. We have an opportunity to build upon each other’s efforts in many areas of SEM, including customer engagement, implementation, and quantifying its impact.

We hope today is a catalyst for all of us, helping us drive our organizations and customers in new directions and continuing to innovate the form and relevance of SEM in the market. Your contribution today is what will make this gathering a success, and you will benefit from an open and collaborative environment. Together, we can propel SEM forward.

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Strategic Energy Management (SEM) is a system of organizational practices, policies, and processes that creates persistent energy savings by integrating energy management into business practices – just like you would with quality assurance, safety, or productivity. SEM focuses on changes in daily operations that engage staff at all levels of an organization in energy efficiency activities.

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