NYSERDA's 2021 Energy Management Practices Market Evaluation

NYSERDA's 2021 Market Evaluation is the fifth study to examine the adoption of energy management practices (EMPs) in New York State’s manufacturing industries. EMPs for this report refer to strategic energy management (SEM), an on-site energy manager (OsEM), and the use of tools for monitoring and reporting energy consumption. In 2018, NYSERDA expanded its SEM offering to include wastewater treatment facilities; as such, the Team for this Market Evaluation also examined EMP adoption among wastewater facilities.

The main objectives of the Market Evaluation were to estimate rates of EMP adoption and quantify indirect benefits resulting from NYSERDA’s market development efforts. To this end, the Market Evaluation Team repeated a survey from the 2019 EMP Market Evaluation with managers at nonparticipating manufacturing and wastewater treatment facilities, and conducted in-depth interviews with a subset of participants who recently completed active engagement in the SEM offering. For the industrial sector, this Market Evaluation shows comparisons of 2021 results to those from the 2019 survey.

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