IPMVP’s Snapshot on Advanced Measurement & Verification

Advanced measurement and verification (M&V), or ‘M&V 2.0’, is a strategy for verifying savings from energy projects which has received a great deal of attention over the last five years. Spurred by the abundance of high frequency metered energy use data from advanced electric meters for the ‘Smart Grid’ and associated analytic software tools, the past decade has seen much research, technology development, regulatory mandates, and pilot-level program deployment of advanced M&V methods.

Despite this, there are still some questions and misconceptions among the different stakeholders of advanced M&V (e.g., utility program managers, energy service providers, M&V practitioners, and efficiency project investors) regarding the proper application, technical challenges, alignment of advanced M&V approaches with best-practice M&V principles.

This paper from the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) represents a snapshot of advanced M&V technical state of the art and current industry activities and serves as the groundwork for EVO’s IPMVP Application Guide on advanced M&V strategies: https://semhub.com/resources/i...

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