California SEM Program 3-Cycle Design Guide

The California SEM Program 3-Cycle Design Guide uniquely provides a progressive, measurable approach to improving a customer’s energy management system (EnMS) over a six-year period and introduces integrated demand side management (IDSM) and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategies that complement the EnMS.

This guide combines experience from multiple SEM programs throughout North America with concepts, such as 50001 Ready, developed by the US Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. The original versions of the design guide, and the genesis for California launching an SEM program, were heavily influenced by work in the Northwest, including Bonneville Power Administration’s two-year cycle concept and Energy Trust of Oregon’s original 12-month design.

Also released in June 2022, the California SEM M&V Guide, linked below, was developed as a companion piece to the design guide.

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