5 Critical Factors for Implementing an Industrial Energy Strategy

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Thu, 06/30/2016 - 9:57am by Jay Zoellner, Managing Director, Industrial Solutions, EnerNOC


As energy strategy increasingly becomes a C-suite concern, one of the questions most often asked by executives at industrials and utilities is what comprises best-in-class industrial energy management.

The biggest takeaway: it’s not just about the data. Energy management has matured. If it were all about the data, then there’d be no such thing as energy waste in the production process, judging by the myriad of available options that collect and report data.

We all understand that data is critical; however, it’s become the new commodity in the energy intelligence challenge. Data is information, knowledge is information in context, and intelligence is acting on that knowledge to create solutions for now and the future.

Energy intelligence software (EIS) is the platform that unites people, process and technology to incubate the enterprise change management and communication needed to ensure an energy strategy sticks.


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