Optimizing C&I Energy Management Value with SEM and Dynamic Energy Management

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Ends: Jun 10

To support evolving DSM program objectives and success metrics, CEE C&I Dynamic Energy Management (DEM) seeks to define a connected and interactive, fuel-neutral, efficient energy management ecosystem where building equipment and systems such as HVAC, water heating, connected lighting controls, and energy management information systems seamlessly communicate and optimize benefits to building occupants, building managers, and utilities. CEE's SEM Initiative, which fits under the DEM framework, addresses complementary operational approaches to C&I energy management. SEM emphasizes equipping and enabling plant management and staff to impact energy consumption through behavioral and operational change. While SEM does not emphasize a technical or project-centric approach, its principles and objectives may support capital project implementation. As a result, SEM and DEM can address operational and physical equipment DMS program aspects beyond unit energy savings. 

During this session, CEE staff will share outcomes from Committee deep dives and research into SEM program approaches and building control products. Participants will share how SEM programs fit with equipment-focused C&I energy management program approaches, emphasizing approaches that define and capture DSM program impacts beyond unit energy savings. Attendees will seek to identify and categorize program approaches that support the interplay of operational energy management systems and the equipment that can enhance such management systems. The session outcomes will support the development of CEE resources providing C&I energy management program guidance and selection criteria for energy management products and services.  


  • Discuss different program models for addressing C&I customer energy management needs and identify characteristics such as the distinct portfolio purpose, relevant metrics and program goals, and target customer segment of each.
  • Identify market intervention strategies that can be defined and promoted by consortium members, e.g., criteria to screen and select energy management products that support specific program and customer needs

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