Extended Motor Product Label Initiative and On-line Marketplace

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Free to attend for Summer Study attendees.

The Extended Motor Product Label Initiative (EMPLI) has been collaborative effort between manufacturers of commercial and industrial motors, pumps, fans, and air compressors, their respective trade associations, energy efficiency program developers and administrators, and energy efficiency and environmental advocates. After a tremendous amount of work by dozens of organizations over the past three years, we are now nearing the finish line and ready to share our success and lay out plans for the next phase of work. 

A new pump Energy Rating label from the Hydraulic Institute identifies pumps that meet/exceed the new DOE performance standards and is designed for use in prescriptive rebate programs.  This meeting will include updates on pilot program developments and similar efforts by the fan and compressor working groups. 

The next phase – implementation of the Extended Motor Product Marketplace (XMP MP) -- will turn all of our efforts into an expanded market for efficient motor-driven commercial and industrial products. The on-line marketplace will enable a fluid, real-time, and national exchange of information on incentives and qualifying products.

Success of this meeting and this initiative requires the exchange of information between manufacturers and efficiency program stakeholders. The EMPL Initiative has the potential to transform the market for motor-driven products and affect the energy consumption of tens of millions of horsepower of connected load. We hope you will join us. Please RSVP to erogers@aceee.org if you plan to attend.

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