ACEEE Summer Study & North American SEM Collaborative Summit

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Energy efficiency and demand flexibility in buildings are critical parts of local, state, federal, and utility decarbonization strategies, enabling higher penetrations of variable renewable energy sources and electrification.  As we transition to the new clean energy economy, when and where demand-side resources provide grid services is increasingly important for a reliable, low-cost, decarbonized future.  At the same time, rapid changes in policies and programs signal a shift in approaches to bring equity and environmental justice to the forefront of climate solutions.

Come join professionals from around the world to discuss the science and policies that equitably advance efficiency in our built environment and reduce climate impacts.  Thirteen panels covering a wide range of topics — focusing on technologies, policies, equity, behavior, and resilience — will provide for a diverse and exhilarating exchange of ideas and information. The 2022 Summer Study is the ideal forum for learning and discussing topics related to these important issues in both formal sessions and casual settings.  Bring your ideas, experience, and vision to share and collaborate with friends and colleagues.

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