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Create Your Custom EMA Tool

Assessments tailored for your customers

The Energy Management Assessment (EMA) Tool provides a strategic and confidential analysis of an organization’s current energy management business practices. We can apply your utility's brand to the EMA tool and customize content, allowing you to create assessments unique to your utility’s customers.  

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Build an Online Course for Your Program

Apply your brand to a series of online SEM courses and enjoy the flexibility to select only the learning modules that align with your program. Manage and gain insight into users' progress and interactions with the educational content as they engage with your course.

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An easily searchable resource library

Search or browse our extensive library for resources related to SEM, including guides, tools, videos and online courses. Our robust resource library includes more than 70 downloadable resources and collections, rated by users, to increase the effectiveness of your customers’ SEM programs.

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Case Studies

Learn how utilities large and small have implemented successful strategic energy management programs, with best practices you can apply to your customer’s SEM programs.

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